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Re: nscd on Foreign Distro

From: kiasoc5
Subject: Re: nscd on Foreign Distro
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2023 02:36:24 +0200

Hi Andres,

On 2023-10-09 02:37, Andres Moreno wrote:

I installed Guix on Fedora 38 using a package in the COPR Fedora
repository. Everything seems to be working great except that I found out
that nscd is deprecated for Fedora. The manual states that this service
needs to be enabled or else the system might crash. Is this still an issue?

I did some web searches; messages posted around the time of the Fedora
deprecation of nscd did not point a clear path forward.

Should I worry?

n=1, but I've run Guix on Arch Linux without nscd for several months and had no apparent issues.

In fact, nscd was recently removed from Arch Linux, so alternatives to nscd should be mentioned if something like nscd is still required. For example I believe sssd was floated as a nscd replacement at some point.

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