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Re: share guix and its store between distributions

From: Simon Tournier
Subject: Re: share guix and its store between distributions
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2023 14:45:50 +0200


On Mon, 09 Oct 2023 at 10:43, Emmanuel Beffara <> wrote:

>> > Is there a way to share Guix and its store between several distributions?
>> > [...]
>> It looks like you already have the right idea. You'd have to share /gnu
>> and /var/guix between the two distributions, as well as have the same
>> UID (and possibly GID) for the users.
> If I know for sure that there is no state anywhere else than that, then it
> looks fine. I was worried that running Guix's daemon and command would leave
> things inconsistent otherwise.

Just to mention that I do not know what happens with the store database
if you run concurrently two guix-daemon.

For your use-case, it should be ok, though. :-)  Since you will run only
one guix-daemon at one time.


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