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Re: Pinebook Pro boot from NVME

From: paul
Subject: Re: Pinebook Pro boot from NVME
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2023 23:27:37 +0200
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Hi Vagrant,

On 10/12/23 06:41, Vagrant Cascadian wrote:
On 2023-10-07, paul via wrote:
I'm interested in using the best distro in the world on my Pinebook Pro
(currently the bootloader is broken on master, see [0], but guix
time-machine allows me to still be able to proceed).
I was not aware of this bug, will try and take a look at it sometime,
though not quire sure when...

I'm able to do so and Guix boots perfectly from choosing the SD card
from the Tow Boot menu but I'm unable to make the default image boot
from a NVME disk.

This is the workflow I'm using:

image=$(guix time-machine --commit=d6a53849935f8584e1df57faa79c18c23fbb2aa1 
--system image -e '(@ (gnu system images pinebook-pro) 
pinebook-pro-barebones-raw-image)' --system=aarch64-linux)
If you are using this specific commit to get a working u-boot, you
probably do not need to, as Tow Boot replaces u-boot entirely... but on
to the real issue...
Could you please elaborate on the correct way to boot a Guix system with tow boot? I'm not very experienced but, since I run tow boot, how can I build a correct image without u-boot?

sudo dd if=$image of=/dev/mmblk1 bs=4M status=progress oflag=sync

for flashing the sd card and

sudo dd if=$image of=/dev/nvme0n1 bs=4M status=progress oflag=sync

for flashing the nvme disk.
Since you dd'ed the exact same image to both partitions, they will have
the identical filesystem labels and uuids, and which one is associated
with the label/uuid may vary from one boot to the next... this is likely
the cause for the behavior you describe...
:( Thank you, this is what happens by testing at late night.

I'm using tow boot and i have armbian on emmc, guix system on sd card
and guix system on nvme. One really strange behavior happens:

  1. I choose the nvme option in tow boot
  2. I'm instantaneously presented the U-Boot menu (as opposed to when I
     choose the sd card, where I'm also presented u-boot but quite a lot
     slower) so I'm pretty sure that the bootloader is correctly read
     from the disk
  3. a Guix System loads but when I log in as root and run mount the /
     filesystem is mounted on /dev/mmblk1
Does it boot to the NVMe partition correctly when you remove the SD
No it does not. If I remove the sd card and don't change anything else guix is not booting. I'm attaching [0] a video of the behavior, basically the screen stays black forever.
You need to change at least one of them to use a different filesystem
label, and the system configuration needs to be updated as well. Or
build a second image with an alternate label/uuid (it should go fairly
fast, as most of the components will be identical). It would also be
wise to not have identical uuids, though I am not sure how easy that is
to do...

That was an extreme situation in which i found myself after many failed trials. My goal is just to be able to dd an image able boot a Guix System from nvme.

Is there something i can do to increase verbosity of some log? Maybe uboot or the kernel?

Thank you for your time,



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