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Re: Architecture to reduce download time when pulling multiple packages

From: Josh Marshall
Subject: Re: Architecture to reduce download time when pulling multiple packages
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2023 12:36:01 -0400

This is to parallelize connections which should never hurt downloading
but can help.  Mirroring would be parallelizing for providing
packages, what I want to implement is to parallelize obtaining
packages.  Server side vs client side.

On Fri, Oct 13, 2023 at 6:18 AM Christopher Baines <> wrote:
> Josh Marshall <> writes:
> > I just went and installed everything with texlive in the name.  A few
> > were less than 1KB, a few over 1GB.  Download speed peaked at less
> > than 3MB/s.  My Internet is a fiber connection with symmetric gigabit.
> > However, I think picking at this info is the wrong tack.  I am of the
> > opinion this should be considered in the abstract and general to keep
> > away from my situation and to more apply towards all use cases.
> The limited data I've seen suggests the download speeds people get from
> the substitute servers vary a lot depending on their internet connecting
> peering and location, so it's quite hard to consider this in an abstract
> sense. Some people already get substitute download speeds that saturate
> a gigabit connection, while some don't.
> There has been work on setting up mirrors though, e.g. see [1] for some
> information and data on how these work for different people.
> 1:

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