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Kicad missing symbols and footprints

From: phodina
Subject: Kicad missing symbols and footprints
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2023 06:12:17 +0000


does somebody use Kicad on Guix? If so how do you load the symbols and 

The point still to /gnu/store/<HASH>-kicad-7.0.8 but they are in kicad-symbols 
and kicad-footprints packages.

I've changed the paths appropriately as well as cloned the repo to home dir but 
I always get just an empty list.

$ guix show kicad
name: kicad
version: 7.0.8
+ out: everything
systems: x86_64-linux
dependencies: bash-minimal@5.1.16 boost@1.80.0 cairo@1.16.0
+ curl@7.85.0 desktop-file-utils@0.26 gdk-pixbuf@2.42.8
+ gettext-minimal@0.21 glew@2.2.0 glm@ gtk+@3.24.37
+ hicolor-icon-theme@0.17 libngspice@41 libsm@1.2.3 mesa@23.1.4
+ opencascade-occt@7.6.2 openssl@3.0.8 pkg-config@0.29.2
+ python-wrapper@3.10.7 python-wxpython@4.2.0 swig@4.0.2+ unixodbc@2.3.9 
wxwidgets@ zlib@1.2.13

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