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Re: [TIL] guix doesn't check hash when uri starts with file:///

From: Simon Tournier
Subject: Re: [TIL] guix doesn't check hash when uri starts with file:///
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2023 11:54:58 +0200


On Wed, 20 Sep 2023 at 19:18, Rodrigo Morales <> 

> #+BEGIN_SRC scheme
> (define-module (my packages experiments-zathura-custom)
>   #:use-module (guix packages)
>   #:use-module (guix download)
>   #:use-module (gnu packages pdf)
>   #:use-module (gnu packages gnome))
> (define-public zathura-custom
>   (package
>    (inherit zathura)
>    (name "zathura-custom")
>    (version "4.0")
>    (source
>     (origin
>      (method url-fetch)
>      (uri "file:///home/rdrg/my/git-repos/zathura")
>      (sha256
>       (base32
>        "0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000"))))
>    (native-inputs
>     (modify-inputs
>      (package-native-inputs zathura)
>      (prepend json-glib)))))

Here, is ’file:///home/rdrg/my/git-repos/zathura’ a file or a directory?

> The following package will be upgraded:
>    zathura-custom 3.0 → my-version-1

I am surprised because it is 4.0 and below my-version-3.  Maybe you
mixed your tests when reporting?

> I personally like this behavior because I'm currently editing the
> source code of Zathura and I wouldn't like to edit the package
> definition to insert the correct hash whenever I make a change in any
> of the files of the project directory.

You might be interested by --help-transform.  For instance,

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
$ guix build zathura 
The following derivation will be built:
building /gnu/store/h3j2l2zqp1shyk2ls59dp7zgz7dzp9vp-zathura-0.5.2.drv...
WARNING: (guile-user): imported module (guix build utils) overrides core 
binding `delete'
starting phase `set-SOURCE-DATE-EPOCH'
phase `set-SOURCE-DATE-EPOCH' succeeded after 0.0 seconds
starting phase `set-paths'


successfully built /gnu/store/h3j2l2zqp1shyk2ls59dp7zgz7dzp9vp-zathura-0.5.2.drv
The following graft will be made:
applying 19 grafts for zathura-0.5.2 ...
grafting '/gnu/store/6mkarn9hj5f8y3i5h9p7w2paf6r32199-zathura-0.5.2' -> 
successfully built /gnu/store/8w2zzg4bb9qpf039srl83yfawkiakib4-zathura-0.5.2.drv
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

> This is not mentioned in the Info manual, but I think it should be
> mentioned. The Info node that documents =url-fetch= is "(guix) origin
> Reference".

Well, I do not think it is an expected behaviour.  And I am not able to
reproduced as reported in <>.


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