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Re: Pinebook Pro boot from NVME

From: paul
Subject: Re: Pinebook Pro boot from NVME
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2023 14:30:05 +0200
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Hi Efraim,

thank you so much for handcrafting a patch just to unlock me, it hasn't worked but I feel we are getting closer. I'm reporting another failure data point, please correct me if I've done anything stupid.

Il 18/10/23 12:22, Efraim Flashner ha scritto:
There was a recent change to make sure that EFI bootloaders and GPT
partitions were paired together, but it looks like it was limited to
grub-efi and grub-efi32. Try applying this patch to guix and then using
./pre-inst-env to build the image.

This is the state of my Guix checkout:

paul@pinebook-pro:~/code/guix$ git log -2
commit 104d4571cdb3b403fe49359cf215b61de4bdfb60 (HEAD -> master)
Author: Efraim Flashner<>
Date:   Wed Oct 18 13:17:05 2023 +0300

    image: Expand list of EFI bootloaders for GPT images.
Reported by Paul A. Patience. * gnu/system/image.scm (system-disk-image): Accept more bootloaders
    using EFI for pairing with a GPT based partition scheme.

commit 8d6b3dd0b863ccada887da8cd347727dd04cb456 (origin/master, 
origin/emacs-team, origin/HEAD)
Author: Christina O'Donnell<>
Date:   Sat Oct 14 14:00:02 2023 +0100

    doc: Expand origin-Reference section
* doc/guix.texi (origin Reference): Add references for hg-reference,
    svn-reference, bzr-fetch, and bzr-reference.
Signed-off-by: Ludovic Court├Ęs<>

This is what I've tried (libre.scm is the same as it was, also I did the whole autoreconf -vif && configure --local... dance)

paul@pinebook-pro:~/code/guix$ guix shell --pure -D guix -- ./pre-inst-env guix 
system image --image-type=efi-raw ../guix-deployments/tarapia/system/libre.scm

guix system: error: EFI bootloader required with GPT partitioning

paul@pinebook-pro:~/code/guix$ guix shell --pure -D guix -- ./pre-inst-env guix 

Git checkout:
  repository: /home/paul/code/guix/
  branch: master
  commit: 104d4571cdb3b403fe49359cf215b61de4bdfb60

Another thing: supposing we manage to boot Guix with TowBoot from NVME, I'd like to contribute a Cookbook page documenting some easy steps to get started with Guix on the Pinebook Pro. Is the final version of this patch going to master? Otherwise what are we supposed to say the Guix supported story is to towboot users on the PBP?

Thank you for your help,


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