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Re: Using local package in shell manifest

From: Jesse
Subject: Re: Using local package in shell manifest
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2023 10:48:45 -0400
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Thanks Tomas,

I plan to upstream it but there is some more development I'd like to try out first. If I put it in the manifest, is there some different syntax I need to use? I have been doing some searching and it seems like I would have to wrap the "(package ...)" expression in define-public and the use-module seems to be a bit different too? I am having trouble finding the distinction in the manual.

On 10/26/23 10:16, Tomas Volf wrote:
On 2023-10-25 16:49:43 -0400, Jesse wrote:

I have written a package that I have installed with "guix package
--install-from-file=crosstool-ng.scm". I was able to get it to build and
install. I can use it if I do "source ~/.guix-profile/etc/profile".

However, I would like to add it to a shell manifest. My manifest just

   (list "gcc" "git" "zsh" "crosstool-ng"))

My understanding is that "specifications->manifest" is supposed to search
for the packages in the list? It returns the following when I rung "guix
shell" in the directory with the manifest.scm:

guix shell: loading environment from
hint: Consider passing the `--check' option once to make sure your shell
does not
clobber environment variables.

guix shell: error: crosstool-ng: unknown package
guix shell: error: failed to load
gnu/packages.scm:545:4: In procedure specification->package+output:
Throw to key `quit' with args `(1)'.

I'd imagine it doesn't know where to look for the package? Is there a way to
tell guix shell where to look? If not, is there a way to include the package
in the manifest file? For what it's worth, I have attached the package file
in question.
I can think of few options:

0. If it would make sense to upstream the package, you should.  That will solve
your problem.

1. Next you could create your own channel, and publish the package there.  After
adding the channel, it should also just work.

2. You could load the package by an absolute path and use it that way, something
like this (untested):

  (list (specifications->manifest (list "gcc" "git" "zsh"))
        (packages->manifest (list (load "/home/.../crosstool-ng.scm")))))

3. Alternative of the above would be to move the package definition into the
manifest.scm itself, allowing you to drop the load invocation.

Dunno, maybe there are better ways.

This is also my first foray into Guix and Guile, so I've been kind of
banging my head through writing a package and the manual but I got a little
stuck here.

  (guix packages)
  (guix git-download)
  (guix licenses)
  (guix profiles)
  (guix build-system gnu)
  (guix build-system python)
  (guix build utils)
  (gnu packages python)
  (gnu packages autotools)
  (gnu packages gettext)
  (gnu packages texinfo)
  (gnu packages pkg-config)
  (gnu packages base)
  (gnu packages flex)
  (gnu packages gawk)
  (gnu packages man)
  (gnu packages bison)
  (gnu packages compression)
  (gnu packages ncurses)

  (name "crosstool-ng")
  (version "1.26.0")
  (source (origin
           (method git-fetch)
           (uri (git-reference
                 (url "";)
                 (commit (string-append "crosstool-ng-" version))))
  (build-system gnu-build-system)
   (list autoconf
   '(#:phases (modify-phases %standard-phases
                             (add-before 'bootstrap 'fix-version-gen
                                         (lambda* _

  (synopsis "A versatile (cross-)toolchain generator.")
  (description "A versatile (cross-)toolchain generator.")
  (home-page "";)
  (license gpl2)

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