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From: Caleb Herbert
Subject: chromebook-ucm-conf
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2023 12:28:36 -0600
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Hi Guix,

Can anyone help me get my audio working?

I've been trying to "install" some configuration files for my audio setup on a Chromebook. On a normal GNU/Linux system, one installs them under /usr/share, but Guix doesn't have that, so I made a package based on alsa-ucm-conf.

But packaging the config files is not enough, it seems. You also have to modify alsa-lib, which efraim was kind enough to do last night.

But apparently, alsa-lib needs updated to support certain features of the config, so the attached Scheme code will not work. Can someone show me how to get it to work?


Caleb Herbert

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