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Re: documentation on copyright headers?

From: pelzflorian (Florian Pelz)
Subject: Re: documentation on copyright headers?
Date: Sat, 02 Dec 2023 10:37:19 +0100
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Simon Tournier <> writes:
> In the past, the project had been very permissive, where even 2 lines
> only modifying the version and checksum fields lead to hold a Copyright
> on such modification.

In practice, I agree.  Changing the version and checksum of 100 packages
likely does not add up and does not give copyright (it is no creative
act).  Though 4 lines of srfi-1 list processing perhaps do give

That said, copyright headers are only for tracking copyright.  They do
not anymore AFAIK help in the legal system (in EU and USA) and are not
always accurate (parts of Guix’ package descriptions and service
documentation are copied from the package’s developer, but that
developer’s copyright is mentioned nowhere).


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