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Re: Resize Filesystem Service

From: Felix Lechner
Subject: Re: Resize Filesystem Service
Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2023 12:18:27 -0800

Hi Gabriel,

On Mon, Dec 04 2023, Wicki Gabriel wrote:

> I crafted the service in the file attached but this doesn't work and i
> neither know where to look nor how to debug the issue.

Writing services is probably more complex than it should be, but it can
be done.

Please have a look at the cachefilesd-service [1] which I wrote together
with Bruno Victal (mirai) and which was accepted, or the Heimdal
Kerberos services that are still waiting for review. [2]

My most immediate suggestion is that I would use define-configuration
even when no serialization (which helps write configuration files) is
needed. Also, you have to think carefully about where to place the
G-Expressions, which can be tough to wrap your mind arround. Finally, I
would use "file-append" instead of string-append for some of the
configurable executable paths.

Kind regards


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