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Re: How to configure gitolite service?

From: Julien Lepiller
Subject: Re: How to configure gitolite service?
Date: Tue, 05 Dec 2023 13:12:19 +0100
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This is the public key that corresponds to the private key the admin uses to 
pull/push the configuration repo with:

git clone git@server:gitolite-admin

I don't understand why you talk about mail here, plain-file is a file-like 
object which creates a file in the store from a string. This is just the 
content of the pub key file. Here's what I use, where the pub key is available 
in the same directory as the guix configuration (typically, /etc/

(admin-pubkey (local-file ""))

Le 5 décembre 2023 12:56:27 GMT+01:00, "Marek Paśnikowski" 
<> a écrit :
>Dear all.
>I am in the process of setting up Gitolite.  My strategy is based on the 
>principles of Test Driven Development.
>Following the system reconfiguration errors, I have questions regarding the 
>minimal required code:
>(service gitolite-service-type
>  (gitolite-configuration
>    (admin-pubkey
>      (plain-file "" "key" "mail"))))
>1. Which system user does the .pub file correspond to - git or (in my case) 
>marek? In other words, is the key owner the /git/ account which serves the 
>Gitolite instance; or is it the remote administrator account which logs into 
>the service?
>If it is the /git/ user, how do I inject the private key into the server's 
>2. Does the mail address correspond to the same account as above?

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