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Re: Dino segfaults

From: Caleb Herbert
Subject: Re: Dino segfaults
Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2023 11:17:52 -0600

Wojtek Kosior <> writes:

> Actually, I came up with 2 more improvements, the final command is
> guix shell --container --no-cwd --network \
>     --share=/tmp/.X11-unix --expose="$XAUTHORITY" \
>     dino bash \
>     -- bash -c "DISPLAY='$DISPLAY' dino"

caleb@miller ~❄️ guix shell --container --no-cwd --network \
> --share=/tmp/.X11-unix --expose="$XAUTHORITY" \
> dino bash \
> -- bash -c "DISPLAY='$DISPLAY' dino"
Authorization required, but no authorization protocol specified

(process:1): Gtk-WARNING **: 17:16:40.534: cannot open display: :1

> Also, unless there is some reason no to, I suggest we keep the Guix
> mailing list in the Cc field

Oh, sorry.  I pressed r instead of R when replying in Emacs.  We should
be back on the mailing list now.

Caleb Herbert
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