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Re: guix package -u . --dry-run equivalent for guix home

From: Remco van 't Veer
Subject: Re: guix package -u . --dry-run equivalent for guix home
Date: Sat, 09 Dec 2023 18:55:22 +0100
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2023/12/07, Tomas Volf:

> [[PGP Signed Part:Undecided]]
> On 2023-12-07 09:42:47 +0100, Remco van 't Veer wrote:
>> How are people (with update junky tendencies like me) using guix-home?
>> Run guix-home-reconfigure after every guix-pull?
> I in general just check the commit messages in the range that was pulled to 
> see
> if there is anything interesting.  And reconfigure only in that case.

Yeah, I have guix master from savannah in a RSS reader but miss a lot
because it only returns the latest 10 commits.  Do your have a local
clone to get the logs from or is their some trick to get the logs from
the commits guix-pull just fetched?


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