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Re: 32-bit Python interpreter on a 64-bit system (ARM)

From: Csepp
Subject: Re: 32-bit Python interpreter on a 64-bit system (ARM)
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2023 09:03:20 +0100

“Wicki Gabriel (wicg)” <> writes:

> Hello!
> Due to dynamic linkage to a library that is only provided for ARMv6 
> architecture
> (32-bit) my Python application that is developed for a 64-bit ARM architecture
> refuses to work (I load the library with ctypes). According to the internet 
> this
> could be solved by running that script with a 32-bit interpreter which - of
> course - is readily available in Guix.
> How can I declare on the package (or on the system level if necessary) that 
> this
> specific script needs the interpreter of a different architecture than the
> system/package is built for?
> To give you an example, the end-product will be a whole system configuration
> with packages and services and whatnot, that will be generated throught guix
> system image my-img.scm –system=aarch64-linux​ but this one package must make
> use of the armhf-linux Python ELF.
> Thanks for any ideas and input!

Maybe a cursed idea and completely untested, but you could wrap the expression
that evaluates to the Python package with a block that temporarily changes the
current-system or target-system parameters.  I think there is already a Guile
function for this, most likely named with-parameters.

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