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Re: Why does sbcl@2.3.7 depends on bash-minimal@5.1.16

From: Efraim Flashner
Subject: Re: Why does sbcl@2.3.7 depends on bash-minimal@5.1.16
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2023 11:00:59 +0200

On Thu, Dec 07, 2023 at 05:28:47PM +0800, Pan Xie wrote:
> Hello
> I find this interesting thing but I don't have an explanation. If I query
> the "references" of my store item "sbcl", it shows that sbcl reference
> bash-mininal, as the following output:
> # guix gc --references /gnu/store/sbbp9nvslqcf3bmcnz5wgxf2qpsi757$
> /gnu/store/6ncav55lbk5kqvwwflrzcr41hp5jbq0c-gcc-11.3.0-lib
> /gnu/store/ln6hxqjvz6m9gdd9s97pivlqck7hzs99-glibc-2.35
> /gnu/store/mzx7j93w5szyzrgnql8dqhqdgjh6si02-mpfr-4.2.0
> /gnu/store/nl194qnq5lhjxpfwcs15xqihnfqif335-zstd-1.5.2-lib
> /gnu/store/sbbp9nvslqcf3bmcnz5wgxf2qpsi757i-sbcl-2.3.7
> /gnu/store/v9p25q9l5nnaixkhpap5rnymmwbhf9rp-bash-minimal-5.1.16
> /gnu/store/ybadavwz1z9kmxanqy3siw38lnkwnkrp-gmp-6.2.1
> But when I look into sbcl's package definition, there is no "bash-minimal"
> as its input. I use "guix graph" find a path from sbcl to bash-minimal:
> # guix graph --path sbcl bash-minimal
> sbcl@2.3.7
> texlive-updmap.cfg@66594
> texlive-scheme-basic@66594
> texlive-collection-basic@66594
> texlive-bin@20230313
> cairo@1.16.0
> bash-minimal@5.1.16
> But I think that is build time dependency, not run time. cairo also requires
> "ghostscript" as its input, which is not referenced by sbcl.
> If I run "guix size sbcl" or "guix pack sbcl", bash-minimal also included. I
> think SBCL might require "sh" to execute some script files,
> but I can't figure out how guix decides "bash-minimal" is part of sbcl.
> Would some one please tell me
> which part of codes in sbcl's package definition make guix include
> "bash-minimal" into sbcl's references?

I would suggest checking the output of
'grep bash-minimal /gnu/store/sbbp9nvslqcf3bmcnz5wgxf2qpsi757 -R' and
that should let you see which files include a reference to bash-minimal.

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