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Re: Emacs C source

From: Ian Eure
Subject: Re: Emacs C source
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2023 14:03:26 -0800
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Kristoffer Ström <> writes:

Hello! I'm running emacs in a guix shell, and wonder how/where to get
the C source code directory for xref-find-definitions.

I've grepped the /gnu/store/*emacs but cannot find the C source, is there some special package/output or procedure needed to get it included
in the shell environment?

There is no C source for xref-find-definitions, it’s written in Emacs Lisp:

xref-find-definitions is an interactive native-compiled Lisp function
   in ‘xref.el’.

The source is available in any environment the Emacs package is installed.

 — Ian

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