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Re: Abstractio of Dovecot Users

From: Marek Paśnikowski
Subject: Re: Abstractio of Dovecot Users
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2023 19:43:54 +0100

> > I recently completed the monumental project of self-hosting my email
> > on Guix, all by myself.
> Kudos! Will you please blog about your experience or add something to
> the Cookbook? [1]
> Kind regards
> Felix
> [1]

I am back with good news: I figured out how to serve a GIT repository on a 
subdomain. My current system configuration is shared here [1]. The point of 
entry for the mail server is "wip-mail-services" in or
system-configuration.scm .

I have not invested any effort into modularization because I had decided 
halfway through that I will reconstruct my server from scratch on a new, 
dedicated computer with extra hardware features like data redundancy.


PS: Does this mailing list support NNTP? I am planning to finally configure 
Emacs GNUS for all of my communications and would appreciate knowing, that I 
am not going to waste time trying to achieve something impossible.

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