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Guix Mentor (paid)

From: Hafeez Bana
Subject: Guix Mentor (paid)
Date: Sun, 24 Dec 2023 16:08:35 +0000

HI Everyone,

Anyone interested in a Guix Mentor role? This person would help on a
retainer basis level up the guix knowledge with a startup team and support
them with tasks to use guix effectively.

We've been using Guix informally for ages for sharing development
environments (and it's amazing), but as we onboard new people, the rest of
the team wants to switch to more 'traditional tooling'. Some of this comes
from the pressure of dealing with the pace at which we are moving and
finding the right answers with Guix is not easy.

That said, I believe guix is the right way forward.

The kind of advice you would be giving is:
1) Helping with advice on packaging software into guix (potentially even
contributing to the repo)
2) Helping create an operating environment for our software which uses
multiple open source components (writing guix services and starting
software with daemons etc).
3) Helping with creating deployment systems based on Guix OS (deploying
full fledge systems onto cloud providers).
4) Keeping abreast of best practices
5) Building the infra internally to speed up guix (right now from apt-get
install guix to get our dev system running is hours of work e.g. getting
our own substitute server up)

Alternatively, if there are sysadmin shops that are interested in doing
this work - please contact me.

🩷 Guix.


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