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Re: A simple question about the Guix logo.

From: Felix Lechner
Subject: Re: A simple question about the Guix logo.
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2023 16:04:29 -0800

Dear Sir,

On Fri, Dec 29 2023, DieRosedesNordens wrote:

> Forgive me, I beseech you, for the absence of a gratuity, yet I ask
> you to accept my gratitude. I hope that your benevolence bears fruit
> and that the benign acts of solidarity you have shown me are returned
> to you twofold.

Thank you, my lord, for your compassion. Generosity is an act of the
mind, anyway. Your noble concern offers a most valuable nourishment to
your obliging servants.

> if the init system of Guix is the GNU Shepherd, why is there a folder
> called “systemd” in “run”, which is located in “/”? Should it come
> with the installation of the operating system, regardless of the
> chosen desktop environment or window manager? If so, why?

Your most favorite folder---or your least, as the case may be---is
wanted by a pesky package called 'elogind' and therefore installed on
all systems using the elogind-service-type. [1][2]

Elogind is most commonly obligatory in the GNOME suite of servant
tools. Your humble respondent cannot speak for the wisdom of the other
environments that aim to support the interactive comfort of your high

> is it credible to suppose that the folder exists due to the subsequent
> installation of some package

No. As your highness may discern above, it is part of the

> why this folder is there?

We are an inclusive community, my lord, and aim to please users of
various desktop environments.

Your attention to this matter lifted the souls of many.

With our utmost gratitude,


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