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Best practice when dealing with a broken package for guix home?

From: Fredrik Salomonsson
Subject: Best practice when dealing with a broken package for guix home?
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2024 23:11:35 +0000


Using guix home to manage my home environment is awesome.  But one thing
I haven't figured out is a good way of handling when one package is
broken.  As that effectively blocks any upgrade until that it is fixed.

There are generally three things I do in that case:

1) Temporarily remove it from my configuration if I don't use that
program that often.

2) Use `options->transformation` to pick a commit/branch etc that

3) Copy an older definition that works to my custom channel, add a
prefix and use that until it is fixed.

If an issue isn't reported I usually send in a bug report with a patch
based on 2 or 3.  But most often someone else have reported it and I'm
just waiting on the patches to land upstream.

My question what is the best practice for this?  It feels that there
should be an easier/quicker way of handling this.  E.g. just tell guix
to use the definition of the current generation for that broken package
and continue with the rest.  Maybe something with the time-machine?


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