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Unable to make guix master branch for over a week

From: Peter Polidoro
Subject: Unable to make guix master branch for over a week
Date: Wed, 01 May 2024 10:10:28 -0400
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I have been unable to make the guix repository master branch without it failing due to errors for maybe a week or more.

I am just curious if the repository occasionally gets into a broken state and I just need to wait until some set of commits fixes it eventually or if that means that something is wrong with the particular setup on my machine.

I make the guix repository with the command:
cd ~/guix && git checkout master && git clean -xdf && git checkout . && git pull && guix shell -D guix --pure -- sh -c "./bootstrap && ./configure --localstatedir=/var && make -j$(nproc)"

I am running guix on x86_64 Debian stable as a foreign distro, but running guix 
shell --pure should keep me isolated well enough from the particulars of my 
machine correct?

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