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Online patch review session - Friday 3rd May

From: Steve George
Subject: Online patch review session - Friday 3rd May
Date: Thu, 2 May 2024 15:02:20 +0100

Hi all,

Our next patch review hacking session is tomorrow - Friday 3rd! 

Please come along to do some patch reviews and generally chat about Guix:

    17:00 UTC; 18:00 BST (London); 19:00 CEST (Paris); 13:00 EDT (New York)

The goal is to have fun and learn about Guix packaging by reviewing patches.

The link for the Jiti is on the Wiki page, along with instructions on how to 

If you have time beforehand have a go at reviewing a patch from the 
patch-review-hackers-list [0] using the instructions. If you don't have time - 
no worries - as we'll do it in a group on the call.

Look forward to chatting with you there!

Steve / Futurile


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