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Re: pgp key

From: gfp
Subject: Re: pgp key
Date: Thu, 2 May 2024 20:22:37 +0000

Hi Felix,

thanks very much for explaning a lot of things.

I don't have a server or a website for downloading anything.

I only have a "tuxedo" nextcloud account (which the company tuxedo gave access through buying a laptop there and I uploaded the files for the song

I gave rights to the email address:
but I don't know how it works, how somebody can find it or download anything from there.


Am 01.05.24 um 20:43 schrieb Felix Lechner:
Hi Gottfried,

On Wed, May 01 2024, wrote:

I would like to send it to all

For songs and other creative content it may be better to provide a
download link (for files and signatures) than to copy the entire list.

Some folks, myself included, read emails on devices with limited memory.
Server space, which stores emails, is also valuable.

By providing a link, you offer interested readers---who I am sure are
many---a way to download your files and store them in their playlists.

Kind regards

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