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simple song named "Guix"

From: gfp
Subject: simple song named "Guix"
Date: Fri, 3 May 2024 10:36:38 +0000

Hi Guix,

I am not a musician.

I understand almost nothing about music.

But God gave me a song with two different texts.
One text is for praising God,
the second text for supporting Guix / free software,

which is my contribution to free software.

I don’t know much about the history of Guix,
so I beg your pardon,
if somebody dislikes the text
or if I have annoyed someone.
Changes are welcome.

An English native speaker,
or somebody who knows English well
and has some poetic and rhyming skills
can change the text to a nicer one.
Proposals are welcome, as it is in Guix:
teamwork brings the best results.

I put the song down in "Musescore 3.6.2"
and recorded it with "obs"

Beware, the notes are 1,5 Tones higher than written because of the capo on the 3.fret.

When I opened it in frescobaldi, ly.file, there appeared strange chords.

I also exported it to a
midi file,
mkv file,

in order to listen to the melody,
if somebody like.

I created the song with a simply headset
(doesn't sound good,
but at least you can catch the melody).

I have no audio interface and don’t know how to use it in Guix.

You can check the song with the package:
"vlc (media player)",
"audacity broke down, when I started it.
in the terminal: "timidity Guix.mid"

I don’t know how it works with copyright,
I simply put "copyright GP" on the bottom,
(so that my name stays in the background).
Suggestions are welcome.

Somebody, who has a nice voice, can,
after may be changing the text,
record the song.

happy supporting Guix

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