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Online meet-up: talk by Ludovic Courtès

From: Steve George
Subject: Online meet-up: talk by Ludovic Courtès
Date: Sat, 4 May 2024 10:01:19 +0100


I'm always interested to hear about the history and future of projects I 
follow. So I'm looking forward to hearing Ludovic Courtès give a talk at the 
next Guix online meet-up on May 16th.

If you've ever wanted to ask how the project got to be called Guix?, why the 
init system is called Shepherd? What Ludo thinks is cool and what might happen 
next in Guix - then add your question to the Wiki here:

NOTE: if you can't add your question to the Wiki please email me and I'll add 
it for you!

As usual the details on how to join the Jitsi and the time are all on the Wiki 
[0]. We'll have Ludo's talk, time for chatting and who knows maybe some patch 

And, on May 29th David Wilson of System Crafters will be giving a talk: you 
might know that David is currently running courses to teach people about Scheme 
and he has lots of fun videos[1] about using Guix & Emacs[2]

Steve / Futurile

[2] Other editors are also available

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