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Re: Permission denied then running guix shell -C on Ubuntu

From: Gabriel Pickl
Subject: Re: Permission denied then running guix shell -C on Ubuntu
Date: Sun, 5 May 2024 18:02:26 +0000

It seems like creating a custom AppArmor profile like described in but specifying the actual guix command (in my case /gnu/store/5447wg7dp8qwlii61r5spyf9r4953b55-guix-command) allows me to create containers, but I assume this will break the next time I update guix. It would be lovely to fix this in a way that wasn't so temporary ^^'

On 5/5/24 19:47, Gabriel Pickl wrote:

Hi everyone :)

I've recently started using GUIX on Ubuntu 24.04 (Installed via the install script), and have run into a bit of a problem.

When running something like `guix shell -C guile` (the package list doesn't matter) I get the following error message:

guix shell: error: mount: mount "none" on "/tmp/guix-directory.xwKsHW": Permission denied

`dmesg` doesn't show any messages during the run.

Turning AppArmor off changes the error:

guix shell: error: clone: 2114060305: Permission denied

And also causes the following dmesg line to be printed (I thought I had disabled AppArmor... huh)

audit: type=1400 audit(1714930774.939:64): apparmor="DENIED" operation="userns_create" class="namespace" info="Userns create restricted - failed to find unprivileged_userns profile" error=-13 profile="unconfined" pid=5486 comm="guix" requested="userns_create" denied="userns_create" target="unprivileged_userns"

I found some bug reports that might be related, but I don't know enough about GUIX or AppArmor (mentioned below) to extract anything useful from them


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