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Re: how to use r-keras?

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: Re: how to use r-keras?
Date: Wed, 08 May 2024 12:11:53 +0200
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Hi Simon,

> On sam., 30 mars 2024 at 00:27, Ricardo Wurmus <> wrote:
>>> $ guix shell r r-keras -C python-minimal r-reticulate tensorflow
>> Is this with tensorflow from guix-science?  The old Tensorflow 1.9 in
>> Guix does not provide Keras.  Only the more recent one in Guix Science
>> does.
> Using Guix 929ddec, it fails as reported previously; using
> tensorflow@1.9.0.  Let try with tensorflow@2.13.1.
> Well, although I have as substitutes, I had to
> rebuild tensorflow.  Ouch!

This appears to be a common problem, but we don't know why.  It's
probably related to the bazel-build-system.  You'll get substitutes only
if you use `--no-grafts'.

> Then I get this:
> --8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
> $ guix time-machine -C channels.scm -- shell -C r r-keras -C
> python-minimal r-reticulate tensorflow@2.13.1

You need python-tensorflow (also from guix-science), not just the
tensorflow library.


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