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Emacs Daemon Service

From: Andrew Wong
Subject: Emacs Daemon Service
Date: Sun, 12 May 2024 17:41:08 -0400


Recently I’ve been trying to have an Emacs daemon start in the background on 
login. On Guix, I’ve found some interesting behavior in that an Emacs started 
with no args and then the command “server-start” will then be available to 
subsequent emacsclient calls, but an “emacs —daemon” is inaccessible, even if I 
call the command from my WM startup.

1. Does anyone understand why Guix’s design results in this behavior?
2. How can I set up a service in my configure-home.scm to start emacs —daemon 
(and have it be available) on login? I found a post from 2019 about it, but it 
must be outdated as it doesn’t mention the Guix home feature.

Thank you for your assistance,

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