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Re: simple song named "Guix"

From: Felix Lechner
Subject: Re: simple song named "Guix"
Date: Wed, 15 May 2024 17:53:05 -0700

Hi Gottfried,

On Fri, May 03 2024, wrote:

> I don’t know how it works with copyright,
> Suggestions are welcome.

I think your your song is a super unique contribution in the Guix
community, but we cannot do much with it other than listen to it

Per Wikipedia, copyright law gives you "the exclusive ... right to copy,
distribute, adapt, display, and perform." [1]

The word "exclusive" means "nobody but you".  For example, I cannot play
your song at a Guix meeting without a license from you.  I can also not
adapt it for piano and sing it in public, nor can I make my version
available on the internet---no audio, no written score..

There are a lot of resources for artists about licensing.  Folks like
Felipe, who designed the Guix logo, could probably give you a quick
intro into popular, off-the-shelf licensing options.

I have no legal training, so please do not rely on my comments here.
Please consult a competent attorney instead.

> I simply put "copyright GP" on the bottom,
> (so that my name stays in the background).

You may wish use your real name.  Then no one with the same initials can
later claim they wrote your song.

I also see calendar years mentioned in a lot of copyright notices.
That's probably because opyright lasts for a long time.  I think in
Austria it might be your life plus seventy years. [2]

Just something to think about when you have some free time.  I know you
like music, so perhaps it's worth your time.

Thanks again for the song!

Kind regards

[1] first paragraph,

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