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Re: brcmfmac

From: Andrew Wong
Subject: Re: brcmfmac
Date: Fri, 17 May 2024 20:20:19 -0400

> BCM43602 requires non-free firmware. —Florian
Thank you for your clarification. I’ve been using an installation image with a 
firmware package installed that should provide that. To be sure that this is a 
downstream issue, could anyone verify that the installer is normally able to 
connect to WiFi networks that require login?

Also, would a properly functioning WiFi card be listed as an “ethernet” 
connection? I ask, because the installer allows me to scan for and detect 
networks, but entering ‘ip address’ in a TTY only shows a loopback and and 
ethernet device.

My apologies if it’s not appropriate to ask for support for this issue here.

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