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Re: How to configure smartd and send notifications?

From: Tristan Kohl
Subject: Re: How to configure smartd and send notifications?
Date: Mon, 20 May 2024 21:15:53 +0200

Hello Felix,

Indee I did.

But even though it results in the correct path, smartd then complains that the 
file is not executable...

local-file does not work either even though a external file fixes the 
executable issue. Here it complains about not finding /bin/sh which otoh can be 
fixed in mixed-text-file by replacing the shebang with "#/!" bash "/bin/sh".

So I am stuck between local-file which does not find the interpreter and 
mixed-text-file which does not make the file executable.

I guess I will have to step back from the plan as there are too many roadblocks 
and I wasted three days on this already.

Thank you nontheless, I very much appreciate the help!

On 20 May 2024 17:04:14 CEST, Felix Lechner <> wrote:
>Hi Tristan,
>On Mon, May 20 2024, Tristan Kohl via wrote:
>> (define smartd-config-file
>>   (plain-file
>Have you tried mixed-text-file?
>Kind regards

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