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Guix system image record with a large root partition

From: bdunahu
Subject: Guix system image record with a large root partition
Date: Tue, 21 May 2024 22:55:01 -0600


I would like to create a Guix System bootable from a USB. I am trying to
configure an image record that will allow me to create this image with a
large enough root partition (my USB is 32GB) that I can also instantiate
my home configuration on it, whether manually or programatically later.

I have tried two different ways of creating an image with a large
root partition, but am having difficulty with both:

(define system
   ...)) ;; simplified

(define MiB (expt 2 20))
(define GiB (expt 2 30))

 (format 'disk-image)
 (operating-system system)
    (size (* 40 MiB))
    (offset (* 1024 1024))
    (label "GNU-ESP")
    (file-system "vfat")
    (flags '(esp))
    (initializer (gexp initialize-efi-partition)))
    (size (* 28 GiB))
    (label root-label)
    (file-system "ext4")
    (flags '(boot))
    (initializer (gexp initialize-root-partition))))))

;; the above image declaraction is in kvasir.scm
$ guix system -L ~/.config/guix/modules/ image ~/.config/guix/kvasir.scm 

This generates correctly sized and offset partitions, but unfortunately
results in a broken grub configuration. The program packages are there,
but the /root directory is missing as well; so is my user (all part of the
shared 'system' declaration I use to configure the computer I write this
on) and the guixbuild user group...

I then tried to use a different image format (iso9660), which I based off of
the existing iso9660-image included in the existing images module (so
the same as the above but no ESP partition):

 (format 'iso9660)
 (operating-system system)
    (size (* 28 GiB))
    (label root-label)
    (file-system "ext4")
    (flags '(boot))
    (initializer (gexp initialize-root-partition))))))

This creates a full, working configuration, but also ignores my size and
offset specifications (the root partition is ~2GiB, and starts at block
0). I have tried to resize the partition manually using fdisk, but
because the boot partition starts after the root partition, this also
seems impossible (and more of a duct-tape solution).

So I am not sure how to get the image I want. If anyone were able to
help me fix my image record (or better solutions, or even a suggestion
as to why mine doesn't work) to generate a simple image that works on
most modern computers and has a large root partition, it would be very
helpful to me.


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