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copyright licence

From: gfp
Subject: copyright licence
Date: Thu, 23 May 2024 14:51:31 +0000


thanks Felix, Florian, Lois
for help

what copyright licence would be appropriate
that only the GUIX community can use my song,
but nobody else?

This would mean in Videos,
in meetings where Guix is present,
to support Guix in any way,
to add the piano notes,
to change some words or phrases,
to improve the song for the GUIX community

I wouldn't like that somebody else in the world
misuse the song.
There are so many criminals out there...

I would also like to be informed
if somebody makes any changes, so that I can e.g. adjust the song.
In which way is this included in the copyright licence?/
what do I have to do that this will happen?

The creative commons suggest point 2:

  Do you want attribution for your work?
Yes. Anyone using my work must include proper attribution.
No. Anyone can use my work, even without giving me attribution.

I guess,it is safer to say: Yes,
that this song can't be misused so easily out in the world if I add only GP as my name?
Am I right?

The creative commons suggest point 3:
  Do you want to allow others to use your work commercially?
Yes. Others can use my work, even for commercial purposes.
No. Others can not use my work for commercial purposes.

What answer is beneficial for the Guix community?
Would it be enough to answer: No,
but it safes my song from misuse in the world?

or is it necessary to say: Yes,
because then the Guix community can use
this song without thinking of copyright licence?

The creative commons suggest point 4:
  Do you want to allow others to remix, adapt, or build upon your work?
Yes. Others can remix, adapt, or build upon my work.
No. Others may only use my work in unadapted form.

Yes would be the answer that the Guix community can change the song...

The creative commons suggest point 5:
  Do you want to allow others to share adaptations of your work
under any terms?
Yes. Others can share adaptations of my work under any terms.
No. Others must use the same CC license if they adapt my work.

This seems to be tricky.
What licence would be appropriate for using this song in the Guix community only?
I guess: No, but I am not sure.
I guess that the song is somehow saved from misuse in the world
if I say: No
The Guix community AFAIK would not have any interest to change the terms?

The creative commons suggest point 6:
  Confirm that CC licensing is appropriate
I own or have authority to license the work.
I have read and understand the terms of the license.
I understand that CC licensing is not revocable.

The creative commons suggest point 7:

Attribution Details

Filling out this form is optional, but helps others attribute your work to you, and fills in machine-readable code.
Title of Work
Creator of Work
Link to Work
Link to Creator Profile
Year Of Creation

Link to Work:

Is it good to give the archive website

or the

as the attribution details,
because I have no website?

I guess I would have to copy the licence
as rich text
as footnote under the song

thanks for help

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