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Re: LVM v. LUKS @ manual partitioning

From: Yann Dupont
Subject: Re: LVM v. LUKS @ manual partitioning
Date: Thu, 23 May 2024 15:22:15 +0200
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On 23/05/2024 14:37, Felix Lechner wrote:
Hi Yann,
Hi Felix,

On Wed, May 22 2024, Yann Dupont wrote:

@Felix, are you using LVM2 in this case ?
Yes.  For examples, see here [1] here [2] and here [3].

there's definitely something weird, from the moment LVM2 was upgraded to 2.03.22 (last summer!), our vm's that use LVM2 no longer have access to devices. It worked before, and I've been able to trace it to activation, which is done incorrectly because it depends on systemd (hence my patch, which fixes it, at least in our case).

I don't understand how this can work without activation... A "race condition" that only appears in VMs and not on bare metal?


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