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Re: Automated /etc/config.scm

From: Marek Paśnikowski
Subject: Re: Automated /etc/config.scm
Date: Sun, 26 May 2024 20:41:48 +0200

26.05.2024 20:03:24 CEST David Larsson:
> Hi Marek,
> I think its not possible to have guix pull edit /etc/config.scm without
> modifying how that command behaves in guix.
> But it is possible to edit /etc/config.scm when running guix system
> reconfigure, by using a service as described here:
> Though perhaps that's not exactly the answer you are looking for?
> If you want to be able to push new configs to some channel git repo and have
> that reflected in a target host after a guix pull + reconfigure from the
> host, then I can suggest adding system configuration variables in the
> channel referring to the various systems you want to deploy. Then adding
> minimal config.scm files on the deploy targets. Those config.scm files can
> have '(use-module (mychannel my-systems))' or similar, and then just
> '%my-os-system1', etc on the final line.
> I hope it helps, but not sure.
> Regards,
> David

I do not 'deploy' my systems.

After reading the linked discussion and combining it with what I know; I think 
the best approach would be to dig into wherever guix pull caches the channel 
modules and link the newest revision of the system-configuration.scm to a 
predictable file; which could then be combined with with the reconfigure 
command for a quick update alias. :/

On the upside, this is my opportunity to learn more about Guix.  While writing 
this response I digged around in $GUILE_LOAD_PATH and found a bunch of 
modules.  Sadly, none of those are mine, but maybe they are only exposed to 
the guix build users?

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