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guile-ncurses unicode support

From: tmarjeski
Subject: guile-ncurses unicode support
Date: Mon, 27 May 2024 13:15:18 +0300


I am using guix on a foreign distro (Arch) for now, and I would like to
create a manifest.scm file for a game I wrote in guile with
guile-ncurses, so that I can invoke `guix shell -m manifest -- ...` and
run my game.

I'm having issues running the game this way, and I suspect there is no
unicode support enabled on the guile-ncurses package build, even though
it says that there is. Everything is working fine on my Arch system
using guile and guile-ncurses from their package manager.

When I run my game (which uses unicode characters), I only see "?" in
place of the unicode. I attempted to `guix build guile-ncurses
--no-substitutes` and install from there, but it did not work.

Does this sound like an issue with guile-ncurses, or perhaps I am
missing something crucial for `guix shell` to work properly?

Here is the manifest:

Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!

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