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Subject: 您有辦公室即將空出嗎?
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2002 12:42:51 -0400

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Here is a list of tasks, many of which should be done before we can
consider making a releasse of the Hurd, but almost none of which are
hard to do, so everyone should find something to work on here.  A lot of
them require either no or only few programming skills.  Please say on
one of the mailing lists if you plan to work on one of these issues so
work won't be duplicated.  Most of them consist of many small sub-tasks,
so they can easiely be shared between multiple people.  The number
before each item says how hard I think it is, where 0 means trivial and
4 means tricky; the difficulty has nothing to do with the importance.

0 - Check if all programs handle options (at least --help, --version and
     --usage; don't forget about the shell scripts)
1 - Check if all translators handle fsysopts
1 - Check if all translators respond to "settrans -g"
1 - More tests of this kind
2 - Fix those of the above who don't work as intended
2 - Document (in doc/hurd.texi) all undocumented programs (translators as
     well as programs in utils/ and sutils/ and some others)
1 - Find a POSIX test suite, run it on GNU/Hurd, report the results
1 - Find more useful test suites to run
3 - Update INSTALL-cross
2 - Check if all the store classes in libstore work (we have many of them,
     look into the Makefile)
4 - Fix those who don't work
2 - Document all still undocumented store classes
2 - The console is pretty new code, it told me it wants to get tested

All of these things are related to the Hurd itself, but note that there
are many other tasks one can do which are more general and also not too
hard, like adding support for Hurd-specific features to external


Wolfgang J=E4hrling  <address@hidden>  \\
Debian GNU/Hurd user && Debian GNU/Linux user \\
The Hurd Hacking Guide:
["We're way ahead of you here. The Hurd has always been on the    ]
[ cutting edge of not being good for anything." -- Roland McGrath ]

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