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Re: Why did not my Hurd boot?

From: Foward freedom
Subject: Re: Why did not my Hurd boot?
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2007 20:52:35 +0800

在 2007-03-26一的 09:04 +0200,Arguri写道:
I think thats where the problem is. I think you have a running linux
   You are right. I have installed Debian/Linux.
Try the following with your linux box:
Format your future hurd partition with hurd as the owner of the
filesystem (something like >> mke2fs -b 4096 -o hurd /dev/hda4 should do
it) and then extract basegnu.tar.gz (it should be somewhere on the cd)
onto the system. You have to use the option --same-owner with tar. might be of help.
I did something  to make the  Hurd boot successfully:
1.I remade the ext2 file system on my hurd partition /dev/hda4 with the command "mke2fs -b 4096 -o hurd /dev/hda4"
2.I mounted the /dev/hda4 on directory /mnt/Hurd ,then i extracted the file "baseGNU.tar" in /root/ to the partition /dev/hda4 with the command "tar --same-owner -xvpf /root/baseGNU.tar".Maybe i did not pass the "p" parameter to tar before, is that important or  is this why my Hurd did not boot?
3. I removed grub 1.95 and reinstalled grub 0.95,and copied the instructions in  to boot.
then i reboot my computer,and I succeed. Thank you very much!
      But another problem happens :when i executed ./native-install,it hung. When execute the command "fsysopts / --writable ",the screen displayed :"start_pipeline:pgrp pipe:file too lage"; then dispayed :
"Now I set up the translators. If you get Operation not supported errors, you have forgotten to set the file system owner to \"hurd\"!"
and then hung. But why?
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