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Re: Compatible PCI network card

From: Dominic Walden
Subject: Re: Compatible PCI network card
Date: Tue, 04 Jun 2013 17:43:17 +0100

> Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2013 17:50:35 +0200
> From: Richard Braun <address@hidden>
> This board may also be supported by GNU Mach, so if it turns out to be
> too painful to get netdde working, you might simply try to rebuild your
> kernel with the appropriate driver. Netdde simply bails out if the
> device was already found by the kernel so don't be afraid to just
> switch kernels.

Success! I compiled my own kernel with rtl8139 support and it now

For anyone else who has the same problem here are the steps I took:

I have Squeeze on a different hard drive on the same computer so I was
able to use that for compilation. I followed all the prep stuff as
mentioned in [1].

I got the GNU Mach sources from Sid and applied the Debian patches.
In debian/rules I added to the line "drivers := " the entry
"--enable-rtl8139". Then I compiled as per [1].

I then transferred the .deb packages to my Hurd partition, booted into
Hurd, and unstalled. Dpkg complained that the packages were compiled
for i386 rather than hurd-i386 but I did --force-architecture and it
all seems to work fine.

Thanks Richard for all your help, and thanks to Debian for such a
pain-free building process.



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