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Re: Libidn in Visual Basic 6

From: Alexander Gnauck
Subject: Re: Libidn in Visual Basic 6
Date: Wed, 08 Feb 2006 10:39:20 +0100
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You have to create a standard call dll which exports all functions you need of the c sources. You can call this dll from VB6 then.
I have done this always with Visual Studio 6
Here is a MSDN article:;en-us;q106553

Regards Alex

Simon Josefsson schrieb:

I have copied the Libidn mailing list, in case anyone else has any

<address@hidden> writes:


I would like to use the Libidn  in visual basic 6

is there an exapmle for it as we cannot use c.

There are no examples as far as I know.  It is most likely possible to
call C functions from Visual Basic, but I'm not familiar with how to
do it.  It should be possible to build a Windows DLL of Libidn.
Perhaps some Googling on how to interface C with VB6 will help.


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