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Re: win32 Visual Studio 2005 project for libidn 1.x

From: Adam Strzelecki
Subject: Re: win32 Visual Studio 2005 project for libidn 1.x
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2008 18:13:56 +0200


Sorry for delayed response, I just came back from (winter) vacations.

The FSF confirmed the assignment today (finally!), so I made a release
1.6 with the VS project files.  I updated the Windows section for the
installation descriptions in the manual as well:


Adam, does the v1.6 release include everything you think it should?

I'm afraid it does not, win32/include/unistd.h (0 bytes) is missing, it was included with GIT patch (w/o content) so you may have omitted it if you used "patch" instead of "git apply". Witout that libidn will complain about missing "unistd.h". If you don't like empty file just put a comment inside:
--------- CUT ----------
/* Dummy file to satisfy source file dependencies on Windows platform */
--------- CUT ----------

Note that at gsasl lib/win32/include/unistd.h (0 bytes) also has to be present.

Many thanks for contributing this, and having the patience to deal with
the copyright assignment.

No problem.

Best regards,
Adam Strzelecki |: :|

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