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Re: libidn2 0.13

From: Simon Josefsson
Subject: Re: libidn2 0.13
Date: Mon, 02 Jan 2017 12:11:15 +0100
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Dennis Clarke <address@hidden> writes:

>> Duh, sorry.  Yes indeed.  Watch me get it right in the 0.14 release :-)
> Actually I have been watching the fray lately with interest and popcorn
> and waiting for the dust to settle. I have to compile your releases on
> some seriously strict POSIX systems and using the Oracle Studio 12.5 set
> of compilers.  So once the dust settles then I grab the release and give
> it a build/test cycle and report back what I see. The Oracle compilers
> are really just the re-branded Sun ones and those will find errors and
> syntax issues in places where we didn't even know those places exist. So
> that can be very useful to fix up for portability sake.

Try 0.14.  It is now in Debian, which is a good test of some
cross-architecture portability.  I'm sure there are other cross-platform
issues remaining, but testing and reports are needed at this point to
fix them.

I would like to add better APIs to actually make the library more usable
for applications though.  Maybe we can take a look at the curl patch for
libidn2 to see how the library would be used in reality.  In summary:

* APIs more like libidn's that take a full domain name and do proper
  operations on them.  In several forms, UTF-8, USC-32, locale encoded,

* APIs to decode a IDNA2008 domain from ACE to Unicode format.  That is
  not described by the IDNA2008 RFCs, interestingly enough, but I
  suspect people will want it, hah!

Eventually maybe we could get curl to link to libidn2 for IDNA2008+TR46.
If they want that.  They have to figure out whether they want IDNA2003
or IDNA2008.  Or both.  It could be a switch.  'curl --idna2003
fuß' or 'curl --idna2008 fuß' or 'curl --idna2008tr46
fuß' or 'curl --idna2008tr46traditional' fuß'.  'curl
fuß' could toss a coin to decide.


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