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Re: libidn malloca compile fails GNULIBHEADERS_OVERRIDE_WINT_T not set

From: Brian Inglis
Subject: Re: libidn malloca compile fails GNULIBHEADERS_OVERRIDE_WINT_T not set
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2021 01:47:01 -0600
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On 2021-07-27 02:52, Simon Josefsson wrote:
Brian Inglis writes:
It's back and I can now see lib/wint_t.m4 downgraded to serial 5 while
gl/wint_t.m4 retained as serial 11!

Yes, this happens if you (directly or indirectly) run 'autopoint
--force' in the extracted tarball directory.

Could you please check your current build release of
gettext-dev/devel, see where it's sourced from, where it's built, and
if it's got any local patches for wint_t.m4?

We get wint_t.m4 from gnulib, and the other gnulib m4 macros (stdint.m4)
rely on getting the right wint_t.m4.  Gettext's autopoint pulls in an
older wint_t.m4 for you.

I'm not sure what the best upstream approach to this problem is.
Traditionally, users just unpack the tarball and build the package.
Nowadays, people often run autoreconf etc to make sure they are
re-building from source code, and that makes some sense.  The problem is
that there is no stable way to re-bootstrap projects from a tarball
release generically.  Running 'autoreconf' was not intended to serve
that purpose, I think.

Managed to get gettext current built and packaged so libidn build problem now resolved and should stay that way.
Both Cygwin 64 and 32 bit libidn builds okay.
Now working on libidn Mingw x64 and x86 cross-builds which may have their own issues, but gettext current Mingw x64 and x86 were also built and packaged so that should be no issue.
Thanks very much for all your help. Cheers ;^>

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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