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[Help-librejs] LibreJS as a userscript?

From: Harry Prevor
Subject: [Help-librejs] LibreJS as a userscript?
Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2012 15:07:22 -0500

I use a fully free software GNU distribution and I've been very
interested in LibreJS. Unfortunately though, I use uzbl rather than
GNU Icecat/Iceweasel for other reasons and I thus can't install .xpi
Mozilla addons. I can, however, install userscripts, as most internet
browsers can.

I don't know a lot about how userscripts work and the extent of what
they can do; can a userscript emulate the core functionality of
LibreJS? Have there been any attempts to make a LibreJS userscript
yet? If not, can someone give some pointers to how one could be

Harry Prevor

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