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[Help-librejs] Offering option to block vs warn?

From: John Sullivan
Subject: [Help-librejs] Offering option to block vs warn?
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2013 17:38:23 -0500
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What do people think about offering an option for LibreJS users to set
whether nonfree scripts should be outright blocked or if a prominent
warning should be displayed?

I think in the current state of affairs on the Web, frustrated people
may disable the extension entirely. If they had a way that they could be
warned about the nonfree JS and then still be provided a way to give
feedback to the site, they might leave the extension on more.

The default would/should still be to block.

I understand it's tricky -- we don't want to encourage anyone to run
nonfree JavaScript, but I think this option may on balance still be a
good thing.


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