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[Help-librejs] Question on JavaScript Web Labels

From: Marco Bresciani
Subject: [Help-librejs] Question on JavaScript Web Labels
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2014 10:11:34 +0200
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my name is Marco Bresciani. I'm an Italian software developer and architect, always been involved with old-style desktop development (Java, C, Ruby, ...).

I'm now studying web technologies (it's about time!) and, since I've always been concerned with free software, I've found the JavaScript Web Labels reference page and the instructions ( on how to create free JS inside web pages, so that LibreJS may recognize it.

So, I've created a footer tag in my web page, containing the string

<a href="/about/javascript" rel="jslicense">JavaScript license information</a>

as specified by the instructions (I've added a ".html" extension to the "javascript(.html)" file containing the JavaScript Web Labels HTML table. Anyway, I'm also concerned that this line above does not pass the HTML5 validation as described in site.
  The error message I see is:

Error: Bad value jslicense for attribute rel on element a: The string jslicense is not a registered keyword.

From line 47, column 9; to line 47, column 57

>↩<footer><a href="/about/javascript.html" rel="jslicense">JavaSc

and, looking at the HTML5 standard (, I can see that "jslicense" is not an allowed type, while "license" is.

My question is: have you considered this? Is it possible, to comply to free software rules, to keep the "license" rel instead of "jslicense"? Will LibreJS identify my scripts as free? Are there other possible solutions to fullfill both free software and HTML5 requests?

Thank you very much,


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