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[Help-librejs] Hello, having issues with libreJS

From: JuuS
Subject: [Help-librejs] Hello, having issues with libreJS
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2014 14:51:02 +0200


I posted something on Diaspora and someone there pointed out that my
javascript "wasn't free". He gave me a link to LibreJS.

Well I think the idea is great and am totally on board with it. So I
implemented it on all my sites!

Unfortunately LibreJS continues to say my javascript is not free. I did
change the wording slightly but am using the @licbegin etc construct and
have gnu gpl 3 specified. I talked to this other fellow and he suggested
I keep to the EXACT wording as on your site. That also, unfortunately,
doesn't work. LibreJS complains.

Not only that but I use mootools and it is complaining about those files
as well even though they are all MIT license. I thought I remembered
reading somewhere that some javascript "like mootools" and others were
recognized as free javascript by libreJS by default. So that I don't

I don't want to change the headers of mootools (and also one other that
I use that is MIT) because I have no idea if the people want EXPAT or X11.

Anyway, could you look at my site and help me figure out why LibreJS is
giving me grief? A note about the following site: It complains about my
"master.js" file but not about license issues (even though it has the
same license information as my ie7.js file which is does find
objectionable). It mentions some construct that I searched the internet
for but couldn't find, so I don't know what the problem is so I can fix
it. Thanks...I want to be onboard with free javascript, I'm simply
clueless why it has so many complaints...

Also I'm getting other LibreJS messages at another page, in addition to
general license complaining, about construct references that I don't
understand. Some have to do with using "javascript:{}" references for
items I want hyperlinked and this was the only way I could find to do it
properly so it worked as I wanted. If there is a better method let me
know and I will implement it! I suppose I could make the items "look"
hyperlinked using CSS and then just make "normal" onclicks...?:

Your help appreciated, and I thank gnu for so much good work.


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