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[Help-librejs] FreedomSponsors is now fully compatible with LibreJS.

From: Tony França
Subject: [Help-librejs] FreedomSponsors is now fully compatible with LibreJS.
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2014 23:58:09 -0200

Thanks to everyone who helped me.
Now if you point your LibreJS-enabled browser to, it shouldn't complain anymore (and still work the same way as it does without LibreJS)

I've written a blog post to brag about it,

And another one with some tips that may help other website developers who want to make their website compliant with LibreJS.

I want to talk more about my experience making FreedomSponsors compliant with LibreJS.
I feel I have some useful, actionable feedback about how you guys can make it easier for developers to take LibreJS into account when designing their websites. 
But this will be subject for another email!

Thanks again :-)

Tony Lâmpada

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