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Re: [Help-librejs] Make LibreJS friendlier for web developers

From: Nik Nyby
Subject: Re: [Help-librejs] Make LibreJS friendlier for web developers
Date: Sat, 01 Nov 2014 12:28:30 -0400

Hi Tony, thanks for all your suggestions. I'll try to take some of these
into account soon.

> 1) Live demo examples
> I was both pleased and annoyed when I found out that there were live demo
> examples available, but they were "hidden" in the Appendix C

Right.. these demos I need to move over to a gnu server, since I don't
have access to When I do that I'll make sure these are
present in the free-your-javascript page.

> 2) Weblabels first
> Web labels is probably the easiest/fastest way to do it, and yet [2] only
> kind of mentions it as "last resort" method, "if bandwidth is an
> issue".

I agree. I'll re-organize the documentation sites this weekend to make
web labels more central.

> 3) Document the hidden obstacles

Yeah, your experiences setting up the site are valuable. That's my
thinking behind setting up a wiki. I'll mention in [7] that maybe we can
have a wiki on gitorious.

> 4) Build a online testing tool

That would be great, and would definitely be possible with node.js. It
would require a refactoring of the LibreJS code, and would be a good
direction to go.

> 5) Have a proper issue tracker, and encourage people to use it.
> This is 2014, no Open Source project should be talking about bugs via email.
> And don't get me started on Savannah :-)

I don't agree here -- what's wrong with having a mailing list for bugs?
Also I actually kind of like Savannah. Another option for an issue
tracker could be to set up Trac somewhere (,
but since Savane is provided by GNU I think it makes sense to use
that. It's true that it's a little old and maybe has some bugs -- it
looks like there have been a few attempts at rewriting it, but maybe
that project needs to move forward anyways.

It's also worth clarifying that LibreJS isn't an Open Source project,
it's a free software project :P.

> 6) Have a list of cool compliant websites

Sure, I'll add a list to one of the documentation pages.

> 7) Let Gitorious be the single source of information about LibreJS.

I've used gitorious a few times.. I found it to be a little awkward, but
that's cool that they have a wiki feature. That might be useful. It
doesn't look like they support bzr repositories, but I could at least
make a mirror of the bzr repo. Loic should
be able to give me access to the librejs account on Gitorious.

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